Installing Chainfire 3D in LG Optimus Me/P350/Pecan

Installing Chainfire 3D in LG Optimus Me/P350/Pecan

Hello to those reading this post today I am going to show you how to install Chainfire 3D in your LG Optimus Me/P350/Pecan.

Just  follow these steps

1. Download Chainfire 3D from the market or if you want the cracked version just download the cracked version here and it’s activation file here and install them in order.

2. Open the app.

3. Select Install CF3D Driver option.

4. Select Install.

3. Wait for it to install after installing it will reboot your system.

4. Download the plugins from here extract it and place the extracted files in your SD Card.

5. Open the app and select Install/ Plugins and Shaders.

6.  Install the 3 files.

7. Go back and select Fix Market Settings.

8. Then select Default OpenGL settings.

9. Then checkbox Disable RGBA Emu and Disable Mapbuffer Emu (I am not sure whether it is available in free version) and the select Load A Plugin if you are using the proversion also select Hide CF3D ID.

10. Select QUALCOMM from the list and go back download some game modified for QVGA from websites and then play it.

Now you have CF3D setup in you LG Optimus P350/Pecan/Me.

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