Increasing Or Extending Android Ram And Making It Faster

Increasing Or Extending Android Ram And Making It Faster

Hello there well here is my first tutorial on android and today I am gonna show you how to expand your android ram and thus increasing its speed I have an LG-Optimus me/Pecan and it is running in GingerDX v4 retirement rom and my device is usually slow since i am running lot of apps but after learning about this one app(Swapit Ram Expander) my device is now very fast. To install this and expand you need at least 2GB memory card and make sure you have minimum space available to this. What this basically does is it swaps your android ram with the memory swapfile you created so that it can perform faster.

1. Download this Swapit Ram Expander apk From here.

2. Connect your phone to PC and copy the file from there

3. Install it in your phone.

4. Select the language.












5. Next enter the amount of memory to which you want to expand your ram and set the swapiness to 100.












6. Checkbox Swapactive.

7. Let it create the swapfile.












8. If you are running this on high-end phone then you could see the difference in 15mins but if you are running on low-end phones like mine wait for about and half-one hour to feel the change.

























Note:- If you see Dutch after selecting the language as English just force close the app and reopen it. If you want this to run on every startup then checkbox autorun also. If you are running in Cyanogenmod or a custom rom which allows you to overclock do that along with ram expander to get the max speed in your device. Don’t delete the swapfile.swp from your SD card if you delete then you have recreate it again.


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