Top 25 Reasons To Choose Ubuntu Instead Of Windows

Top 25 Reasons To Choose Ubuntu Instead Of Windows

In the past tutorials I showed you how to dual-boot Windows and Ubuntu nut now I am going to tell why we should use windows instead of Ubuntu. Windows may be a top PC OS but it can’t match with Ubuntu. Ubuntu saves money as well has very good productivity.

1. Ubuntu is free while windows is not

2. You need only basic hardware to install you don’t need to go for high-end processors  and devices needed to run a windows machine.

3. UI is attractive.

4. You can track and fix bugs in Ubuntu.

5. With Ubuntu you can share any thing with the world and it is legal.

6. You are protected from viruses and worms.

7. It is a stable build.

8. One update manager instead of many as in windows.

9. Download anything for free.

10. Boot up and Shutdown in just seconds not like Windows at the start it is fast and becomes slower as time passes .

11. No lags.

12. Managing different screens in a windows machine would be difficult but with workspaces in Ubuntu you don’t need to worry about it.

13. It is good for old PC’s.

14. Upgrades are free of cost

15. Automatic installation of updates

16. Tweak you desktop in any way you want.

17. All the software associated with Ubuntu are open-source which is great advantage if you are developer.

18. Comes with Openoffice so that you don’t need to buy as in Windows Microsoft Office.

19. Facebook, Twitter, AOL, Gmail e.t.c all in one chat integration.

20. You wont lose your data while upgrading.

21. Ubuntu one feature(cloud storage).

22. Visual notifications.

23. Terminal is user-friendly and not like command prompt or terminal in mac.

24. Good and friendly support team

25. Last but not the least the Ubuntu LTS or commonly known as Ubuntu Long Term Release Support it will support you Ubuntu no matter how old it is Ubuntu 8.04 still has support and not like other OS you will lose support and customer care once a new version of that OS is released.

So all these features are not available in Windows so i suggest you to grab a copy of Ubuntu and install it in your system follow the guide here to dual-boot Windows and Ubuntu.


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